Countdown to our first day in SST:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Task 1(a): Confirmation letter......

The picture on the left shows how I felt and how I reacted when I opened the confirmation letter. My family was beside me when I opened the letter as everybody was eager to know if I was posted to SST. I opened the letter, " Confirmed offer under direct school admission-secondary for admission to SST in 2010, congratulations!" Immediately, a big wide smile was seen on my face by my family. I started jumping around the house, screaming.
I was overjoyed and on cloud nine as what I thought (I did not got posted to SST), did not happenned. However, that is not the end...... I still have to be eligible to attend the Express course based on my PSLE results. I worked hard for my PSLE, hoping to get good results......

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