Countdown to our first day in SST:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Task 1(b): My experience in creating this blog......

As this was not the first time I created a blog, it was not difficult at all. However, I still enjoyed the process of creating this blog and the posts. I enjoyed searching for the blogs background, searching for suitable musics and creating the posts.
Blogging can be part of my learning experience in SST as by posting comments and posts, we get to communicate with each other and get to know more about other students' and teachers' views and thoughts. We could also remind our classmates of upcoming events so that they do not forget it or even chat online with our classmates to exchange knowledge of what we know about a certain topic.


  1. Hi Christopher

    Welcome to the SST family :D
    Your journey has begun....

    Nice choice of music and a pretty warm background.

    Based on your experience, perhaps you could share how the blog could be a place to keep others posted of updates?
    (Hm... imagine that people might not visit the blog regularly... so, how would the updates reach them?)


  2. Oops! Notice something: My previous comment was posted at Dec 18, 2009 3.03 pm?
    No. Current date & time: 19 Dec, 7.03 pm.

    How would you set the timing to Singapore's?
    Hope that the local time would be reflected next round :D

  3. If they do not visit the blog regularly, I would suggest them to bookmark the blog under RSS Feeds so that they will be notified when there is updates in my blog.

  4. I have changed the timing to Singapore's ( + 8 GMT ).