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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reflection: My Camp Xperience@Sarimbun Scout Camp

Wow.That was nice, especially after some years of not going to such a wonderful camp ...... I am sure everyone enjoyed the camp......

I felt very sad that one of our classmate, and also my friend, Yu Zhe, had a asthma attack and was unable to attend the camp and some other students also when home on the first day of the camp.

Three main points that I have learnt from all the activities that I have participated at the camp are:
1. Teamwork
2. Punctuality
3. Sense of belonging to the class

These three pointers can actually help me be more focused and efficient when working together as a team. Teamwork lets me work in harmony with the team. On the other hand, punctuality and time management is very important when doing projects or tasks so that we could finish the assigned tasks or activities on time. Sense of belonging to the class is also very important. Without it, I would feel like I do not belong to the team or class and will not try to share my opinions or participate in the activities and tasks. With these points that I have learnt from all the activities, I would be more efficient and focused when doing school homeworks or when working together as a class or team.
If I were given another chance to try all the activities, I think I will choose to try the zip line as I had not tried the zip line before due to fear. I was starting to overcome my fear together with most of my classmates who was also afraid to try the zip line at the camp when suddenly, our trainer said that we need to move on to the other activities due to time constrain and not the zip line.
One thing that I would like to change about myself ( related to the camp ) is empowerment. At times, I was a little bit uncomfortable when sharing my comments with the class as I was afraid that most of them would disagree with my comment and did not really know what to said. However, it turns out that most of them was okay with my comment. Another thing was that when our class was trying out the wet activities such as the "Milo" pool, I did not asked the trainer if we were supposed to change to our second pair of shoe at the starting. Of course, it turned out that I used the "clean" shoe to go into the mud and well...... Of course, it was a challenge to make the "mud" shoe become the "clean" shoe again.

P.S. ( Haha, the "clean" shoe that became a "mud" shoe was my school shoe! )

Last but not least, the "Thanking" section. The camp is an adventure and of course, my classmates helped each other at times we encountered problems......

I would like to thank firstly, our trainer, for being a caring and resourceful trainer, which we could get the answers to all of our questions from her. She also cared for the safety and condition of students of our class at all times.
Secondly, I would like to thank our form teachers for also caring for the safety of all students in our class.
Lastly, the students.
I would like to thank:
Lincoln, for being a great buddy which cared about my safety and condition at all times and helped me pass the "Night hike" as I had poor vision at night and could not see the obstacles in the forest.
Jasper, for being a great buddy which followed me at all times to ensure that I am safe and also helped me in all difficulties that I faced, especially helping me by telling me the logs and holes that are on the ground at night as I had poor vision at night.
Zheng Jie, for being a great thinker which came out with numerous class cheers and "Rio" cheers and helped us win second prize in the camp.
Darryl, for also being a great buddy which cared about my condition and safety and sharing with me few tips about asthma.
Priyanka, for informing me the things that Mr Lam said which I did not heard.
Benz, for being a great buddy and walked in the night with me as well.
Abilash, for chatting with me when I was bored in the camp.
Shamemi, for supporting Zheng Jie in leading of the class cheer. She sure had a loud voice.
Shakti, for bringing humor to the class by the "joke" (Pie Seh).
Yi Lin, for being very well behaved and also participated in the class cheer.
Jia Sheng, for also chatting with me when I was bored and being a great buddy.
Hao En, for also chatting with me when I was looking for someone to chat with.
Su En, for being a great leader in the "Harry potter" game.
Lionel, for massaging my back when it was sore after the "Night hike"
Here are just some of the students that I wish to thank. Actually, I really want to thank all the students, teachers and trainers for making this camp a success.
I would really be looking forward for the next camp, trip or adventure.

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