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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reflection: My Third Day@SST!

I understand from the school value "Expanding Our Learning Networks" that we should not only depend on one source when learning. We to try to explore as many sources of learning as possible and learn from the different sources.We should not only depend on one source when learning as the source may not always be available or may not always contains the information that we want or we are looking for. So, the more learning networks that we have, the easier and faster it is for us to get the information that we are looking for.In a case of emergency, the source that we are used to use may not be available, so in a case of emergency, we must have prepared other networks to use.

This value is very important as it reminds us to search for as many learning networks as possible to learn as much as possible. It will help me in my learning experience in SST as at SST, we will be expanding our learning networks and when we do projects, the student with the most learning networks that is related to the project should be the one with the most detailed, meaningful and the best project in SST.

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